May 11, 2012

Kate Middleton's first-born to be Monarch, even if girl (3 PICS)

While the world is eagerly looking forward to hearing the news of the stork visiting Prince William and Kate Middleton, most will be happy to know that in case the royal couple have a daughter first, she will still be crowned Queen of England, which was not the case earlier.

Under a sweeping revamp of the laws of royal succession announced on Wednesday, 09 May, 2012; irrespective of the sex of the child, the first-born of Prince William and Kate Middleton will automatically be Monarch of Britain in future. In what looks to be an historic overhaul, Queen Elizabeth at the State Opening of Parliament confirmed that sex discrimination in the constitutional rules governing the Monarchy going back to 1688 is to be disbanded.

The UK Government is therefore, all set to table a bill in Parliament aiming to bring to a close the system of so-called “male preference primogeniture” in monarchy, under which a son even if younger will be the first in the line of succession bypassing any older sister/s. It may be noted that Queen Elizabeth herself became Monarch only because her uncle, Edward VIII, relinquished his right to the throne without any lawful male heirs.

By all accounts, the earliest beneficiary from this proposed amendment would be any daughter born first to William and Kate. The dramatic shake-up announced yesterday before MPs and peers will also bring to an end the ban on those in line to the British throne tying the knot with Roman Catholics. Also another outdated rule to be abolished is the one dictating that any descendants of King George II would require the Monarch’s consent before they can marry.

For long speculation has been rife on a future heir to the British throne. Prince William and Kate Middleton too have spoken of their desire to start a family. The moot question is when. While one section of royalist opines that possibly after the couple has completed all of their public engagements pertaining to the Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympics, they'll be settling down and bringing into the world a new prince or princess.

Latest reports, confirmed by Kate’s mother Carole Middleton herself, however suggest that the couple are now ready to have a baby anytime soon. Well, hope the second news is true as it will bring joy to millions of admirers of William and Kate Middleton, who are eagerly looking ahead to a beautiful replica of the handsome couple.

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