May 14, 2012

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Loves Fart Jokes (4 PICS)

Taeyeon made an appearance on KBS talk show, "Hello," and she continuously laughed at every fart story.

Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo attended as a guest on the variety program, "Hello," which aired on May 14.

On this day, Taeyeon secretly smiled at one of the talk topic's title, "I, I Didn't Fart." Then, she couldn't hold in her laughter.

Tiffany, who was right next to Taeyeon confessed, "Taeyeon always laughs at fart stories. She likes dirty topics in particular." Then Taeyeon said, "Among all fart stories, poop fart stories are the funniest." This comment made the whole studio laugh.

Meanwhile, a man who can't smell made an appearance and drew eyes.

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