May 24, 2012

Facebook working on a new Timeline Design

The Company is contemplating to redesign for the Timeline
Looks like Facebook wants to add some additional features to the existing Timeline design. The Company is testing a series of changes to the top of users’ Timelines, the company has confirmed.

The design shows a smaller version of Timeline, in which a user’s details (name, occupation, education, location) appear in reverse type on top of — rather than below — the cover photo.

The more prominent positioning of user details draws attention back to the individual and takes away the dominance of the large cover image.

Just beneath the cover photo, in line with your profile pic, is a simplified view of your module links (Friends, Photos, Map, etc) using standardizes icons instead of images pulled from your page. Keen-eyed users will also spot that ‘Likes’ has been renamed ‘Favourites’ – an interesting shift for Facebook’s adopted word. The ‘Like’ button has practically become synonymous with Facebook – why change the terminology now?

There’s also a new ‘Summary’ link, which brings you to a list of the user’s major life events as documented in his or her Timeline.

The adjustments appear subtle at first – which could make it easier to slip them under users’ radar without complaint – but make a huge difference to the page’s impact. The design is cleaner, more streamlined,

“We can confirm this is a small test, but don’t have anything further to share at this time,” a Facebook representative told PCWorld in a statement.

Facebook introduced Timelines last September as a replacement for the site's existing profile pages. Unlike the old profiles, users can add events to any point in their Timelines, so that the page tells an entire life story. Facebook began rolling out Timeline to all users in January.

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