May 15, 2012

Earth's future in danger by 2025!

Earth could experience resources outage by 2025.
Extreme weather continue to hit all over the Earth and these anomolous meteo phenomena are consequences of our waste.

In a single year, we consume as much as the Earth produces in one and a half years. This is why in twenty years from now we could could suffer of water shortage. It’s not a movie scenario but the reality featured by the last Living Planet report.

From space, we see the cut forests, air pollution or erosion.

For Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, world’s problems are not small, even if he sees them from miles away.

“We behave as if we have more planets. We consume in one year the resources produced by our planet in one and a half years. We lost a lot of animals, many species, many resources,” he said.

These are the grim conclusions of the Living Planet report, which was made later this year by the organization World Wild Fund. In the last forty years the number of species that live in tropical areas has halved and globally, the planet has lost one third of the species. And the future does not sound too good. We face a real crisis of the freshwater. Experts’ calculations say that by 2025 two thirds of world population will live in areas where water will be difficult to procure.

Extreme meteo events could become commonplace, if the decision makers do not think about long term environmental issues. For example, the decision of the Canadian authorities to exploit the tar sands for finding oil. NASA’s climate scientists say that such an approach would increase greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere thus leading to the evaporation of the ice caps. The effect: coastal cities would be destroyed, and the temperatures would become unbearable.

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