May 27, 2012

The Catalina is Unapologetically a Party Hotel (And Thinks You're Into That)

As we mentioned earlier this week, we're just days away from the premiere of The Catalina, the reality show about the staffers at The Catalina Hotel in Miami.

Now, we've always known the Catalina is a party hotel but it looks like hotelier Nathan Lieberman is ready to make their predilictions for partying worldwide, or at least nationally.

The Miami Herald attended the show's premiere party at the hotel the other night and found Lieberman about to pose with his employees/castmembers in the bathroom when he asked, “Would AndrĂ© Balazs do this?” In our minds, we practically screamed, "Absolutely not!"

Fortunately, Lieberman backed away from the unprofessional photo op. Yet he's not afraid to hype up the hotel's partymonster attitude. He actually thinks it will help business!
“We think this was worth it because in the end, I think The Catalina’s going to be the most famous hotel in the world,” Nathan Lieberman said. “I think people are going to come here to not only experience the good time that this place has to offer, but also to hang out with the staff that are really the heart and soul of the place.”
The Herald reports that in the first episode, Lieberman and his employees spray guests with champagne, bare cleavage, flirt with hotel guests, get wasted during a pool party and make plenty of suggestive comments. Ay, ay, ay. That said, we absolutely CANNOT WAIT to watch this show! Just a few more days!

Tune in Tuesday, May 29 at 8pm on The CW to watch The Catalina, then hit up HotelChatter for our reactions the next day!

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