May 7, 2012

Big Bang Captivate Worldwide Music Fans!

The five member idol group Big Bang has done it again, this time was featured on MTV China following the meaning of their name the group has made an explosive entrance around the world.

Big Bnag has been featured on numerous media all around the world, such as China, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, and more. It seems the group is taking a big step towards becoming a true world star.

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Most recently the group has won the ‘Best Fan’ award at 2012 MTV Italy TRL Awards as the first Asian singer beating out Avril Lavigne, One Direction, Alessandra Amoroso and Emma. Before that Italy’s MTV Style Blog featured the group twice. Last year the group gathered a lot of attention by winning ‘Best Worldwide Act’ at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards held in Northern Ireland.

Recently has been mentioned in that they are making international music waves, as part of the leading emerging new group of stars in Korea in the first decade of the new millennium.

YG Entertainment representative Yang Hyun Suk mentioned in the beginning of releasing the group’s fifth mini-album to be receiving a grand promotion. The album was announced to promote all six songs on ‘Alive’ as title tracks revealing their confidence towards the song quality. It seems the group has upgraded the level of K-Pop all around the world.

In reality there are many instances which Big Bang is representing K-Pop.

Big Bang is currently in preparations to kick off their Japan Arena Tour on May 17 from Nagoya, Osaka, Saitama and Fukuoka.

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