May 15, 2012

‘Battleship’ Director Peter Berg Goes Off On Israeli Reporter (VIDEO)

Hot off the WTF press comes this clip from an interview with Peter Berg, director of Battleship. The reporter gets blindsided by Berg waxing political about the state of Israel and tension in the Middle East. Then he starts asking the reporter questions and it really gets bizarre.

This is seriously crazy. I know they say all publicity is good publicity, but this can’t be good for the future of Battleship. WTF is Berg thinking? He mentions that his father is Jewish, but does that give him reason to be so strongly opinionated? He was born in New York City, after all. Despite how he feels about the Middle East, he should at least have given the reporter the courtesy of the interview that he was scheduled for, and discussed the film instead of his political views.
Check it out and see what you think, then leave your comments! (Be forewarned … it starts off with the f-bomb and gets worse from there.)

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