May 24, 2012

Apple's next iPhone will have a 4 Inch Screen

The new iPhone that Apple is expected to unveil this year will have a larger screen of 4 inches than its previous models and the current iPhone 4S which have had the same screen size: 3.5 inches.

The WSJ says Apple has ordered screens from its Asian suppliers measuring “at least 4 inches diagonally.” Apple doesn't manufacture its own products. Like many other consumer-electronics companies, it hires manufacturing specialists—many of which are from Taiwan and have extensive operations in China—to assemble its gadgets, using components made mostly by Asian suppliers.

Reuters also claim that the new iPhone’s screen will be exactly 4-inches from corner to corner.

“Early production” of these new screens has begun at Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc, sources claim, with full production starting as soon as June, which is traditionally the time when Apple unveils new iPhone versions.

Back in January, a Foxconn worker said that Apple is testing several iPhone screens, all 4-inch or larger.

Android smartphone makers offer the devices with screen sizes well over 4 inches, such as HTC’s 4.7-inch One X. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 goes a step further with a humongous 4.8-inch screen.

"The smartphone market has become diverse, but the iPhone still sets the agenda," said Mizuho Investors Securities analyst Nobuo Kurahashi. The iPhone's strength lies in the overall experience, including its user interface and applications, and the screen's size wouldn't be its defining feature, he said.

The Cupertino, Calif., company's profit nearly doubled to $11.62 billion in the quarter through March, while iPhone sales jumped 88%.

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