April 21, 2012

Victoria Beckham tweet her sense of humour aboard a flight

Victoria Beckham (right) posted a photo on Twitter during a flight to China
Oh Victoria Beckham you are such a wag, not just in terms of being married to a footballer but also in terms of being a highly droll person.

Just this week the fashion designer said that thanks to social networking, the public are finally getting to know her sense of humour.

So, proving her own point, Victoria posted an image of herself pretending to be a flight attendant en route to China today.

Accompanying the image, in which she is pretending to be a flight attendant, she wrote: 'Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!!’

Sorry, excuse us while we catch our breath from laughing so much.

Speaking to the Women’s Wear Daily, she said: 'I try to give some personal insights to my followers as well as keeping them abreast of the business,

'I also think that my fans and customers really get to know me and my sense of humour through my tweets. I think people see the real me.'

Yup we really got to see the real her, immaculately dressed to the nines in a special seat on the plan, what a fascinating insight. 

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