April 12, 2012

Selena Gomez Puts Brakes On Music Career For Movies

Selena Gomez is putting the brakes on her thriving music career to make more movies. The 19-year-old, who has enjoyed phenomenal success in the pop world, had decided to put her singing career on the backburner while she attempts to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

Though she has starred in a couple of well-received teen comedies, Gomez is looking to concentrate on more serious roles and will star opposite Ethan Hawke in the forthcoming action movie The Getaway. Speaking to Mtv News, Selena explained, "'I'm just kind of halting music for a bit. (I've) been really focused on more acting.For me it's been fun to take risks and do things that are completely different.

To be honest, maybe some of you guys might not be comfortable with it ... I'm still the same person. Things that challenge me really excite me". As for her new project with Hawke, Gomez said, "It's really, really exciting. So we're doing that and then hopefully another movie, but that hasn't really been confirmed yet". Fans of Gomez's music shouldn't fret just yet, the singer insists she will return to the studio after completing the handful of movies she has planned, saying, "'Then I'll start working on my fourth album, which will be the best album I'll ever do!".

This week, the singer visited the New York headquarters of Unicef to organize her next trip for the charity. She later tweeted, "Just met my partner/volunteer for my next Unicef trip! We're gonna have so much fun spreadtheword unicef".

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