April 21, 2012

Nicki Minaj leaves London hotel in bondage (3 PICS)

Nicki Minaj leaves London hotel in bondage inspired outfit. Standard.
We were almost going to wear the exact same outfit as this when we left the house this morning, thankfully we didn’t because if we’d have been seen in the same outfit as Nicki Minaj on the same day – why can you imagine the embarrassment!

We’d be mortified, absolutely mortified. Thankfully that fashion faux pas never occurred because we realised that a) we looked f-ing stupid, and b) it’s rather chilly in London at the moment, something which we believe Nicki probably cottoned onto slightly too late when she left her hotel in the capital yesterday.

This weather calls for a good brolly, a thick coat and some sensible shoes - not that Nicki’s likely to be sporting any of those items during her trip to the UK mind.


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