April 7, 2012

Men get high from hiring wild students (PICS)

He has 10 girls in his books who are young students and there is hot demand for them.

William (not his real name) runs an online "escort service" pairing up male clients with young women for dates.

Business, he tells The New Paper, is "good": He gets up to 20 requests per week for his stable of students, some of whom are as young as 18.

He has heard of call girls even younger, but the industry has become very cautious recently and they've stopped taking bookings for women who are "too young".

He is referring to the online vice ring bust last December. About 60 men were arrested and later released on police bail. They are accused of having had sex with a "social escort".

Prostitution is legal in Singapore, but it is a crime to solicit by approaching a customer or promoting the trade. Yes, it is an offence to be a pimp.

It is also illegal to have paid sex with a girl under 18. Anyone who does so may be jailed for up to seven years, fined up to S$10,000 (RM24,000), or both.

Anyone who makes or organises travel arrangements for another person to engage in paid sex with someone under 18 outside Singapore is also committing a crime.

In William's case, he's careful not to include underage girls in his books, though he knows that the demand for them is "high".

The price for William's girls ranges from S$200 (RM480) to S$800 (RM1,920) and is set by the girls themselves.

He also claims that the girls in his stable are all acquaintances introduced to him "by friends because they want to earn extra cash".

These friends, he claims, would forward them his contacts. Most of his dealings with these girls are via SMS, he adds.

But while some escorts prefer to have someone like William making their arrangements, some - like Celine (not her real name) - prefer to work alone.

That way, she's less likely to be implicated in any vice busts.

She is currently unemployed - she dropped out of school last year - and says she meets "five or six customers a week" when in need of cash, charging them S$250 (RM600) per hour each time.

"I have regular clients who meet me often and they said I'm good," she says matter-of-factly.

She got her start in the business when a man she met on an Internet chat line offered her S$300 (RM720) for sex.

Celine, then a 17-year-old first-year polytechnic student, says: "Whenever I chatted with these men online, we flirted and talked about sex just for fun.

"Then the guy made the cash offer... I needed the money for expenses, rather than work a part-time job, I thought I could make money this way."

But the heat is on after the recent arrests.

William says he is more selective with his clients these days. He also uses a separate pre-paid phone card when dealing with customers.

As a precaution, he changes the number regularly.

William says: "I also screen the people who contact me for services, to make sure they are reliable."

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