April 28, 2012

KFC poison victims get $ 8 million (VIDEO)

KFC has been ordered to pay $8.3 million in damages to an Australian girl who was brain-damaged after being poisoned by a Twister chicken wrap.

In 2005, 7-year-old Monika Samaan and rest of her family were hospitalized with salmonella after a recent trek to their nearby KFC. It was later discovered that they got sick due to the tainted KFC Twister wrap that they all shared.

Unlike the family who recovered quickly, Monika was in a coma for six months, suffering irreversible brain damage.

KFC’s lawyer, Ian Barker, claims that there was “never was a shared Twister”, as the family didn’t have a proof of purchase.

And while the fast food chain is continuing to deny responsibility for the illness, just last week, a judge ruled in favor of the family, awarding them over Aus$ 8 million in damages.

The family’s lawyer Vlahakis claimed that the court costs has “exhausted the very limited resources of the family”. He also added, “The compensation ordered is very much needed.

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