April 20, 2012

Katy Perry's Dress Is Falling Off (2 PICS)

We've seen enough wardrobe malfunctions to know how they often happen (a sheer top, a too-short bottom and not enough undergarments, to name a few).

A top simply falling off, on the other hand, is a rare sight. Katy Perry came close last night when she walked the ASCAP POP Music Awards red carpet in an ethereal Temperley London gown.

The dress itself was tasteful and elegant. Katy's wandering strap, however, just left us nervous. From the runway pic (below), you can see that both straps are supposed to go over the shoulder. Yet the purple-haired pop star kept the left strap slung down, tugging at the dress and revealing more chest than necessary.

Why look so messy, Katy? Why risk a wardrobe malfunction when the dress (and your hair) is eye-catching enough?

Luckily, Perry seemed to make it across the red carpet without losing her second strap. Malfunction averted.

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