April 10, 2012

Katie Price she crashes in a ditch her home (5 PICS)

Katie Price to the rescue! Model rushes to aid of her PA after she crashes in a ditch near her home in West Sussex

Katie Price rushed to the aid or her personal assistant tonight after she crashed her car in a ditch.
Police were called after the accident which happened near the glamour model's home in West Sussex.

The 33-year-old drove her pink Range Rover to the A272, just outside Cowfold, after the woman's car left the eastbound lane about 6pm.

A motorist told the Mail Online that officers were speaking to the driver through the window as other policeman waved cars through slowly.

'I was driving along with my wife, and I live near here so I drive up and down this road all the time.

'It's a very narrow road and there's nowhere to park or stop or anything. I saw a pink car and thought "I bet that's Katie Price's".

A helping hand: A police officer is seen speaking to Katie through the window of the vehicle
'The traffic was just crawling along. Police were filtering about half a dozen cars one way and about 20 cars the other way.'

Hero: The glamour model drove to the A272 just outside Cowfold, West Sussex to collect the woman
A spokesman for Katie said her PA was not injured.

'Katie wasn't involved in the crash at all. She came to collect her PA who is absolutely fine.'
And to avoid any confusion, Katie tweeted a photo of her, boyfriend Leandro Penna, and a woman named Catherine, believed to be her assistant.

They are seen leaning on her car.

She wrote: 'I've not smashed my car up or been in a accident infact this is me,leo and catherine now outside gym.'

West Sussex police were unable to comment on the matter.

'We are fine': Katie tweeted this picture of her, boyfriend Leandro Penna and a woman named Catherine, thought to be her assisstant
In April last year Katie was left with severe whiplash after two stallions ran into the road and smashed into her 4WD, which Leandro was driving.

Katie is often seen at the wheel of her bright Range Rover 

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