April 7, 2012

German College Students Promise Coeds Good Grades For Good Sex

Generations of male college students have put their collective brain power toward one common goal: Figuring out a way to get female coeds to have noncommital sex with them.

It's a riddle more mysterious than cold fusion or perpetual motion, but a trio of business students at Germany's University of Mannheim claim they've created a program that does just that -- and it's arousing interest and skepticism from all around the globe.

The pervy project is called "Bib:Love," referencing the first letters of "Bibliothek," the German word for library, and, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel they've pasted posters around the campus promising "Good Grades through Good Sex."

It sounds like a scam -- or at least the plot of a teenage sex comedy -- but creators Oskar, Christopher and Julius insist their motives are purer than simply trying to get babes into bed.

"We are focusing on female students in particular, because they generally come out badly after one-night stands," Christopher, 21, told Der Spiegel. "What's more, girls who just want to have some fun are often labeled as sluts."

Like many ideas, Bib:Love came to them during an alcohol-fueled night last autumn and the concept is simple: Female students who are stressed about the grind of classes and are in the mood for a different kind of grind can contact the guys by email. One of the three creators will show up and, if all goes well, the evening ends in sex.

So far, the Bib:Love boys claim they have serviced five clients, but NBC Chicago reported than some of the women on campus had the sneaking suspicion these campus callboys were just trying to get sex.

In fact, the service's first client said her experience was fun but not "particularly radical," while another student council member, Rosa Reichelberger, said she was skeptical of its claim to help women get better grades.

But nothing succeeds like success and Oskar told the Lithuianian website 15min.it that he and his fellow German gigolos are already being contacted by students at other German universities about franchising the service.

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