April 30, 2012

Britney Spears’ Unreleased Song “This Kiss” Surfaces (VIDEO)

Britmas Leak: "This Kiss"! Yet another Britney unreleased track  
For every Britney Spears album released, there seem to have been at least handful of recorded tunes that didn’t make the cut. The latest such shelved mystery is “This Kiss”, which is doing the rounds online and is said to be an unreleased track from the Circus era (i.e. it was recorded sometime around 2008).

It’s a cutesy little number with squeaky, blipping synths, laser gun noises and vocal effects that makes Spears sound as if she’s singing underwater. Lyrically, “This Kiss” is pretty basic (“Right when I saw the door, you walked in an I fell to the floor” is just one sampling.) But the tune should give Brit’s fans something to buzz about during her latest between-albums lull. Listen below!

What do you think of “This Kiss”? Are you surprised it didn’t wind up on Britney’s Circus LP?

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