April 3, 2012

Britney Spears still trapped under dad’s authority

It seems like a million years ago that Britney Spears went through her train wreck phase and had to be carted off to a mental ward, doesn’t it? But the singer is still legally under the authority of her father — and it appears there’s no end in sight for the conservatorship.

“Britney has said that she feels she is ready to resume control of her life,” an insider told Radar Online. “She has expressed this sentiment on multiple occasions, but her doctor believes that Britney isn’t ready for the conservatorship to be lifted.”

Although she now lives with fiance Jason Trawick — “and her dad hasn’t lived under the same roof with her for years,” notes the source — the “Toxic” singer is said to yearn to “call her own shots.”

“Britney doesn’t have a problem with the conservatorship staying in place for her business,” the insider adds, pointing out that to this day, “she doesn’t have any formal custodial rights as far as her children are concerned. Kevin [Federline, her ex-husband] has agreed to essentially joint custody, but in the eyes of the law, she has no rights, and Kevin can revoke the agreement that is in place at anytime because of the fact that Britney is still under conservatorship.” 

So when might the legal arrangement be dissolved?

“Not soon enough for Britney,” says the source. “It looks like it won’t be ending anytime soon, but Britney feels that she is powerless to fight it.” 

Brit, honey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You don’t want to walk down the aisle sporting a shaved head, an umbrella and crazy eyes, do you?

Maternity Lockdown?

Jessica Simpson is sparing no expense when it comes to securing her privacy during childbirth, reports In Touch. The tabloid claims she’s willing to drop almost $2 million to rent out an entire hospital wing — but plans to sell baby photos for $4 million, so it all works out. (Really? Her baby pictures are worth that much? We think not.)

“She’s turning the maternity ward into Fort Knox,” a friend told the tabloid. “If her friends and family want to visit her, they’ll have to make it through numerous checkpoints!”

This report also claims Jessica plans to hire 30 armed guards to protect her child from kidnappers. So take it with a grain of salt.

Carb Crisis

Emma Roberts is evidently an It Girl after our own heart — she actually eats carbs! The actress snagged an In-N-Out burger box at a Juicy Couture fashion event in New York, but was dismayed to discover it was bunless, Page Six reports.

“Where’s the bun?” an onlooker overheard the star ask. “Ugh, people and their no-carbs.” 

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment — but come on, Emma, carbs at a fashion event? What were you thinking?

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/entertainment/scoop/2012/04/britney-spears-still-trapped-under-dad-s-authority#ixzz1qy0JgdRa

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