April 17, 2012

Britney Spears gives $100 tip to waiter

Britney Spears eating at a restaurant in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles with Jayden
Singer Britney Spears gave a $100 tip to a waiter after he helped to calm her five-year-old son Jayden as the child started crying in a restaurant.

The singer was eating out at a restaurant in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles with Jayden and six-year-old son Sean, when her younger one began to cry and wouldn't stop.

However, an employee saw the problem and brought over crayons to distract Jayden. The singer was quite impressed and gave him a generous gift after she finished her meal, reports conctactmusic.com.

"Britney just couldn't calm her tyke down. But a sympathetic waiter, not one assigned to her table, helped save the day when he came over with a box of crayons and started drawing animation action characters. Jayden's tears dried up instantly as he and his brother got totally absorbed and happy," an onlooker told nationalenquirer.

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