April 14, 2012

Barbara Bielecka, from myspace became famous (VIDEO)

Barbara is a 14 years old schoolgirl, who begun writing her songs since the age of 11. She records her songs as soon as she saves enough money to do so.When her video was posted on Sky News website http://uservideos.sky.com/site-skynews/home/order/viewCount.html, the response was very positive indeed.

She is now in category of the ‘Most Watched’ video.The song called ‘My Wish’and it was dedicated to all our brave soldiers who serve our country abroad.She was inspired to write this song 
when she met a young sniper, who was wounded while on his duty in Afghanistan.His name is Simon Wiggins.

In spite of him losing one of his legs, Simon went back to Afghanistan.

The full story was highlighted in Croydon

Guardian newspaper
The story echoed as far as Malaysia, Australia, USA and Poland.

We were surprised when we got invitations for radio interviews from these countries. Barbara was very happy that people like her song.

Subsequently she wrote more songs (Party Is On Again, Pirate Girl, Shame On You, Dance With Me).

She learned a new song in Japanese to show her respect and support for people of Japan after tsunami and earthquake disaster. The song was written by Japanese composer and a songwriter Kimio (Moon). The song is called ‘Love In The Snow World’. Barbara played a role of a young Susannah in an American feature film 'Crusoe' NBC and POWER TV. She also played a role of a young girl in ‘Death In Venice’, British National Opera.

She also does modelling work for well known companies such as Mark and Spencer.

You can see her work online http://www.marksandspencerextra.com/125/xc356.html
Tesco, Matalan, Next, Debenhams, German Magazine ‘die Zeit’, Croatian Telecom Company, Tad Baker, Jaguar, New Look,Tatler magazine, Girl Talk magazine, UPC Holland, Rowan magazine, MANOR Switzerland company.

Barbara is a clever, passionate and genuinely talented girl who needs your help and endorsement.
Your support and positive comments will boost her self esteem and confidence.

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