April 23, 2012

Avril Lavigne Rocks Punk Version of Two Tone Hair (15 PICS)

Avril Lavigne is definitely not ready to embrace fashion's current obsession with pastel and pretty hues for the spring and summer seasons. Rather, the edgy singer is channeling a darker aesthetic that certainly fits her punk-rocker persona. She was recently spotted at the airport in Toronto, Canada, sporting an all black ensemble. The shade even showed up in her platinum blonde hair!

Two-tone locks are undeniably hot right now, with stars experimenting with all sorts of shades. Selena Gomez recently worked some pretty purple and pink streaks. Kelly Osbourne has had some ombre-like lavender days. And Kate Bosworth just posed for the cover of Company magazine with teal-dipped tips.

So even though she's eschewing any girly shades, Avril Lavigne is still right on trend with her interesting two-color 'do that features a black bang and a few long black strands mixed in to her blonde hair, as seen via the photos in Just Jared's report. It appears as if the black pieces could just be a clip-on accessory, but they're still plenty attention-grabbing.

There is no denying that Lavigne's contrasting hues make for quite the statement-making combo; it's certainly an intense look. Some might immediately liken Lavigne's hair to that of famous villain Cruella de Vil. Others could immediately think Lady Gaga, who has done the black-and-blonde thing rather regularly throughout her chameleon-like beauty trajectory.

That aside, this is not the first time Avril Lavigne has worked multicolored hair. Most notably, she had bubblegum pink highlights, which were positively lovely, though their softer look was certainly missing the edge of this newer jet-black moment.

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