March 7, 2012

Vogue’s Interview With The Cast of Girls Makes Me Wish We Were Friends

The fabulous cast of HBO’s Girls sat down with Vogue to discuss the upcoming premiere of their show — and also to make me jealous that I wasn’t invited to their brunch in Brooklyn. Sure I don’t know any of them, but they look like I could know them.

Unlike every other show ever created about twenty-somethings in NYC, the cast of Girls looks like it consists of real live human beings who sometimes have to use concealer and sometimes break a sandal on the way to work but have to keep limping along because they’re running late and they don’t want to be yelled at by their boss.

You know, actual twenty-somethings who have realistic post-grad jobs with realistic “I didn’t even want to eat three meals today anyways” salaries.

Lena Dunham, the creator and protagonist of the show, opened the interview with a little tidbit on the sudden emergence of funny women into the world. (After all, it’s all anyone can talk about these days.)

“I feel like every few years, there’s some big announcement that women are funny, like it’s a news item, and I’m always like this is not shocking to me.”

And that quote alone is why I already know Girls  will be awesome. She’s not going into the show with the idea they’re doing something revolutionary and groundbreaking by being funny. Women being funny is nothing new. However, a TV show highlighting an accurate depiction of how life in NYC really is after you graduate by using humor is new.

I can’t wait to see myself in their storylines. Especially the time I learned how to sign up for health insurance using an old-fashioned fax machine. Good times!

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