March 25, 2012

TEEN TOP’s Ricky becomes the lead singer of ‘Crying Top’?

TEEN TOP recently shared a photo of themselves backstage at the ’2012 Canadian Music Festival’.
On March 22nd Teen Top released a photo they took with Crying Nut on their personal Twitter and wrote, “TEEN TOP and Crying Nut sunbaes come together to form a new band!  The lead singer will be Ricky.  Rock Spirit!  Yeah!”

In the photo Teen Top’s Ricky is seen using a bottle as a mic and belting out a song like a rock star.

Netizens who saw the photo exclaimed, “Ricky’s exudes a rock star charisma“, “The band name should combine TEEN TOP and Crying Nut together, so it should be called Crying Top“, and “It is heart warming to see seniors and juniors take such a comical photo together.”

The picture was taken at the ’2012 Canadian Music Festival’, which just took place recently. TEEN TOP, Crying Nut and others took the stage to represent Korean music and received loud cheers from their North American fans. 
A staff at the festival said, “At this past Canadian Music Festival, the K-pop night had the best response and all the tickets sold out.  Fans who could not get a hold of a ticket stood outside, showing that it really was a great success.”

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