March 27, 2012

Teen in Miss England From busker to beauty queen (6 PICS)

When teenager Lena Walker took to the streets busking to raise money for charity, it wasn't just her music that attracted attention.

Scores of people also complimented her on her good-looks and encouraged her to enter the Miss England competition, which is being held in her home city of Leicester this year.

The beauty competition was not something she had considered taking part in, but after the encouragement from the public, as well as her family and friends, she decided to enter.

'I only recently picked up the guitar having played jazz piano before that. It’s is a bit more mobile than a piano, so I decided to give busking a go - but never expected the reaction I got,' she explains.

'Loads of people were coming up to me and commenting on my music, but also my looks too. I’ve always been a down-to-earth girl, so had never really considered putting myself in to be judged on my looks.

'But after my family and friends said I should do it, and with the confidence of all the comments from the public, I thought why not.”

After signing up for the competition, the 17-year-old was pitted against 22 other girls for the Miss Leicester crown. 

After several rounds, Lena was judged the winner and will now go on to represent the city at the Miss England finals, which will be held in Leicester on June 26. 

She's has also been spotted by a model scout, and has been given a contract with ModelZed, working with high street chains such as Boots, Next and New Look.

The student, who could make £35 an hour busking, says she's looking forward to taking part in the national beauty contest where she hopes she'll continue to get lots of support from residents of her home town. 

'The public have been very generous whenever I have put myself on a limb and taken to the streets to play my music', she said. 'I don’t think it has really hit me that I’ve made it into the last 60 girls left from the whole UK. 

I’m sure it will sink in once I’m on that stage. Hopefully my down-to-earth nature will shine through and win me some support.'

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