March 5, 2012

Style Council is a monthly series profiling music's new generation of fashion influencers.

"I don't know if we're fans of super couture-type clothes, where it's all shoulder pads and fantasy wear," says Katie White, one half of U.K. darlings the Ting Tings, who follow their 2008 breakthrough album 'We Started Nothing' with a new album this spring. "I think we're more street."

White says she draws wardrobe inspiration from a sporty, 1980s gym look -- knitted leg wear, short shorts, quirky socks and sports bras. "I have to wear comfortable clothes onstage. You can't really wear a dress that's lined. It has to be sportswear so you don't split your pants." Despite Katie's hodge-podge vintage and thrift collection from around the world, she holds certain designers -- such as Alexander McQueen and Issey Miyake -- close to her heart.

The Tings Tings' look is a perfect combination of comfort and flash. From Jules de Martino's stretch Nudie jeans for drumming, to Katie's pink Tricker's boots for jumping around stage, the band embraces a true functional-fashion mentality.

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