March 16, 2012

Sir Paul McCartney chat with topless sunbather (15 PICS)

Sir Paul McCartney passes the perfect gent test: Former Beatle maintains eye contact in chat with topless sunbather

He recently grumbled that he can't go anywhere without being interrupted by a fan wielding a camera.
However, one devotee appears not to have been told.

As the sunseeker sprang to his feet at the sight of Sir Paul McCartney, he obviously forgot about his topless female companion who tried in vain to cover her modesty.

Adding to her embarrassment, the tall sunbather was then beckoned over, still topless, and tasked with taking photos of the star with her friends, while his new wife Nancy Shevell looked on.

The ageing rocker and U.S. industrial heiress – who wed last October - were taking a short break in the tropical island of St Barts in the Caribbean.

Sir Paul, 69, remained the consummate gentleman in the awkward situation – maintaining eye contact throughout lest his wife spot them wandering – as he engaged in polite conversation with the young brunette.

On the beach: Sir Paul, who recently complained about being accosted in public, with Nancy
While his wife, 51, opted for a more conservative outfit than the sunbather, wearing a long-sleeved white beach dress with straw trilby.

The young woman wore tiny string bikini bottoms but attempted to keep some of her modesty intact by covering herself with her arms.

She was with two male friends who were equally excited to meet the music legend.

One of her friends posed for a photograph with the former Beatle, who was wearing colourful pair of swimming shorts, a brown T-shirt and matching baseball cap. They used a camera-phone to take the photograph.

The star posed up just days after he publicly bemoaned the attention he receives from members of the public, especially those who use their mobile phones to take pictures of him.

Spotted! A fan stops them - but his topless female friend appears rather startled

Gentlemanly: Sir Paul makes sure not to look down
He told a Swiss newspaper earlier this month: 'Sometimes I want to have a peaceful evening with my wife in a restaurant without every few seconds having to pose for a mobile phone photograph. 

'And increasingly people just don't seem to understand that. That sometimes causes unpleasant scenes.

'But I don't want to complain. People like these have given me an enormous amount of happiness. And for that I'm very grateful. I won't ever forget what I owe them all.'

After the unusual beach encounter the couple took to the sea, frolicking in the waves.

And five months into their marriage the pair certainly seem to be firmly stuck in the honeymoon period as they laughed and joked with each other.

Indeed, at one point he took his wife's hand and affectionately gazed at her wedding ring while they went for dip.

No help from her friends: She is roped in to take a picture of her other companion with Sir Paul
It was the couple's second trip in as many weeks after taking in the Paris Fashion Week to support Sir Paul's daughter Stella.

However, the latest break certainly seems to be more stress-free than when they were in the French capital.
Due to major power shortages caused by snow storms, the pair were stuck on their Eurostar train for 11 hours.

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