March 1, 2012

Shinhwa’s comeback press conference to be streamed live (PICS)

CJ E&M revealed through Global that it would be relaying Shinhwa's comeback press conference, to be held on March 5 in Seoul, to 200 countries around the world.

As such, K-Pop and Shinhwa fans from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania will be able to watch Shinhwa's comeback press conference unfold simply by visiting Global on the day of the conference at 3PM, Korean Standard Time

Global even prepared a special page ( for Shinhwa before the conference. The questions left on the comment section of the page will be asked during the conference in the fans' stead, and the site also provides videos of Shinhwa's past performances.

As the conference will be Shinhwa's first official schedule in four years, it is expected to gather attention from many fans from around the world. Shinhwa has already proven that it still boasts explosive popularity by selling out all of its 20,000 seats for its upcoming Seoul concert in just 40 minutes.

Jin Min Jung, head of the Global Team in CJ E&M, said, "CJ E&M will be collaborating with Shinhwa not only for its comeback album and concert, but also for the live relay of Shinhwa's comeback press conference through Global We'll continue to make music videos and performances of Shinhwa available through Global"

Eric, head CEO of 'Shinhwa Company', stated, "We're looking forward already to meeting fans from around the world for our first official event in four years as Shinhwa. We'll be very happy to have many people witness our comeback."

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