March 27, 2012

Paris Hilton Heads to Australia to Party (2 PICS)

Socialite Paris Hilton makes the most of her Springbreak by partying with boyfriend Afrojack and sister Nicky Hilton at a pool party

Paris Hilton spent last week sunbathing in a bikini in Miami. Now, less than seven days later, she's headed all the way to Australia, where she'll be attending the grand opening of the Marquee Nightclub at The Star in Sydney.

Yes, Hilton loves to globe trot. We've already documented this. In fact, we got tired just keeping tabs on her travels. And yet, to her credit, she looks right at home wherever she ends up. 

"Can't wait for the grand opening of @MarqueeSydney this friday! Going to be an incredible party! I love the Aussies! ☺♫" the socialite tweeted today. 

While we don't imagine Hilton will show up to the grand opening in a bikini, here's some photos of her showing off her beach bod in Miami. Enjoy! 

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