March 6, 2012

New romance in Emmerdale and a fake one in EastEnders

Date: Aaron and Ed pucker up
OF all the bars in all the world (well, Hotton), Aaron’s new boyfriend Ed wants to go for a drink in Bar West, where Aaron met Jackson.

Aaron’s fresh start takes a big step backwards into the tragic past that he still can’t quite escape from.

Elsewhere, Alex and Nicola are giving each other the eye.

And Debbie was right not to believe Chas yesterday when she claimed that she’d let Cameron stay with her to try and patch up his relationship with Debbie.

Yes, we don’t believe a word of that either.

NTHONY’S fake romance with Princess Amira gets unexpectedly real tonight after Christian accuses Amira of using the poor boy as a smokescreen.

Note the way that even when she’s wearing a man’s shirt in tonight’s episode, she’s still incapable of keeping any garment on both her ­shoulders at the same time.

Perhaps she’s the one who needs reconstructive surgery, not Tamwar.

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