March 23, 2012

Miley Cyrus Cheated On Liam Hemsworth Since Dancing Is “Cheating” (PICS)

Labouring the point about nonexistent relationship issues with Miley Cyrus and “bossy and controlling” Liam Hemsworth, this week’s Star Magazine claims that Cyrus cheated. Except it’s reaching, by saying that dancing with a random dude is tantamount to cheating. It’s not.

Last week, In Touch Weekly claimed that Cyrus was insecure about an assumed hook-up between Hemsworth and The Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence. This week, Star suggests that with her boyfriend away on an international press tour, the 19-year-old is straying.

The tabloid claims Cyrus was caught dirty dancing “all night… in her own little world” with a blond guy on March 17 at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood, California. A source says: “It was really raunchy, she didn’t care who saw her! [Her dancing was] something you would see it a strip club!”

Except none of that happened, since a Beacher’s Madhouse spokesperson, who was at the club last Saturday, tells the story is “not true.”

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