March 5, 2012

Mariah Carey goes cruising with Mickey Mouse (5 PICS)

Just another normal night for Mariah

Mariah christened Disney's new cruise liner 'Fantasy'. Altogether now "It's just a sweet sweet fantasy, baby". Sorry

Who better to officially christen Disney's massive new cruise ship 'Fantasy' then Mariah Carey? We play her old track of the same name every Friday at 4pm, religiously, wherever we are.

On Thursday night she joined the most random selection of people ever - New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld and Mickey Mouse - to officially name the massive boat.

She said, "I christen thee Disney Fantasy. May God bless this ship and all who sail on it".

Mariah's husband Nick Cannon was there, on deck flirting with Minnie Mouse while holding a big bottle of champers. As you do.

The 4000 passenger, 14 deck ship arrived in New York on Tuesday from Germany where it was built. It will start its 7 night Caribbean cruises on March 31st from Port Canaveral.

Mariah might be on board. She said, "I'm going to love bringing my new babies here," so you might catch her, her twins and Nick in the souvenir shop if you're lucky

Neil Patrick Harris on stage during the naming ceremony

That's one big ship. That's one big lady
It's not a fantasy, it's real!

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