March 4, 2012


Joanne, named after Gaga’s late aunt and Joe’s sister, has received less than stellar (and some scathing) reviews of its dishes.
Joanne Trattoria, the restaurant Lady Gaga‘s father Joe Germanotta opened in New York City a month ago, had a special greeter welcoming guests on Thursday night (March 1) and feasting on the food. It was none other than the Mother Monster herself.

While Joanne, named after Gaga’s late aunt and Joe’s sister, has received less than stellar (and some scathing) reviews of its dishes, that hasn’t stopped diners from coming out in droves. Many are likely hoping to catch a glimpse of Gaga on the premises, and on March 1, lucky diners got just that.

Gaga turned up at Joanne at around 7:30 PM with two bodyguards and wearing a demure (by Gaga standards) black dress and sunglasses. In addition to greeting patrons, she also noshed and offered her own critiques of the food.

“I was so surprised to see her!” a guest told Life & Style. “She wasn’t just sitting down, she was really taking charge of the place and making her presence known.” Well, she’s Lady Gaga. It’s not like she blends into the background.

The guest further commented that the Mother Monster “acted like she was more at home. She and her family seemed like they were just having a family dinner in their own kitchen, laughing and chatting. She thanked people for coming in and even pointed out pictures of her family on the walls to one table.”

While Joanne has been ripped for the Italian fare it serves, Gaga had a different opinion of the meatballs, and shared her true feelings about the broccoli and calamari. She wasn’t biased, either, offering up honest criticisms of the food.

“The meatballs were excellent and served just like they are in Italy, well done!,” she reportedly told the cooks. “The broccoli, while I enjoyed it, could actually afford to be a little more bland. It has so much flavor on its own. We don’t want to mask it. The calamari, it was perfection.” Sounds like Gaga has a discerning palate.

Chief chef Art Smith was celebrating his birthday as well as Joanne’s one-month anniversary, upping the celebratory nature of Gaga’s visit. Of course, the ‘Marry the Night’ singer helped lead a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday.’

“Art joined Gaga and her family at their table and about five of the staff members brought out a cake and sang ‘Happy Birthday,’” the guest said. “Gaga belted it out just like everyone else, and the whole crowd cheered afterward.”

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