March 1, 2012

Ke$ha replacing hair with metal studs (4 PICS)

Ke$ha aims to stay ahead of the pop shockers by replacing some of her hair.
In the age of Lady Gaga's stunts and Nicki Minaj's multi-coloured hair, it's hard for young talent to stand out from the crowd.

Short of dressing like a bank manager, there's almost nowhere left to go... but that hasn't stopped Ke$ha from trying. 

The 24-year-old has tweeted a picture of her new hairstyle, well, we say hair but it also involves metal studs.

The Blow singer tweeted on Tuesday with the pithy sentence: 'I[t]s happening' with an accompanying picture of her new hair accessory.

The singer is preparing celebrate her birthday tomorrow, having had to wait a little longer thanks to the Leap Year. 
 Used studs before - albeit just on her eyebrows... 
And it seems that beyond the metal hair, she also wants more Twitter followers to mark her quarter century.

Earlier today, Ke$ha wrote: 'Dude. Animals. I might hit #3MILLIONANIMALS on my birthday tomorrow!!!!!'
Ke$ha looks demure
She also recently spoke with MTV News about the album she's working on and what we can expect to hear.

She said: 'I very much want to be seen as a strong woman, but I realise that vulnerability can also be a strength. 

'So on my next record, you are going to hear probably a little more of that. I'm not going to make an acoustic, sad entire record.'

Ke$ha loves outlandish looks.

For an event in New York in 2010, the then-rising star made herself shine with glitter all over her arms and legs, a blue star painted over her right eye, and matching blue lipstick.

Trashy look: Ke$ha performs on stage at The Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis May last year in a torn American flag top and ripped fishnets

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