March 18, 2012

Katy Perry Laser Dances To Part Of Me For Charity! (VIDEO | 10 PICS)

Poser: The singer gets ready for a photo with fans outside Elstree Studios following her performance on Let’s Dance
She's one busy gal, but Katy Perry still makes time for charity!

The singer headed back to the UK this weekend, performing a laser light show extraordinaire for the BBC's Let's Dance for Sport Relief.

The event raises money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries.

Katy Perry is renowned for the outfits she wears on stage and they’re usually well-crafted, flattering ensembles.
However, she got it all wrong when she made an exclusive appearance on BBC’s Let’s Dance – the celebrity-based charity dance show – where she performed new single Part Of Me.
The singer, 27, went for a bizarre superhero-inspired outfit that included a pair of Superman-esque black PVC pants.

Katy’s outfit was predominantly metallic lilac, with lightning flashes across the shoulders and matched cuffs on each wrist.

Underneath, she had lilac leggings and the outfit was finished off with a pair of black boots.

Girl in the middle: Katy Perry starts her performance of Part Of Me on Sport Relief’s Let’s Dance
And she had her now familiar blue hair too.

The singer later tweeted:
Great cause to come BACK to UK for! Tune in to BBC ONE & watch the FINALE of Let’s Dance for Sports Relief. I’ll be performing Part Of Me!
Srsly, so many lasers!

Laser show: The singer touches one of the beams around her

Up in the air: Katy gets lifted up by her troupe of dancers

Not so super: Katy resembled a comic book hero in her bizarre getup

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