March 29, 2012

Justin Bieber Gives Relationship Advice!

Justin Bieber just got out of diapers three years ago, but he's already dispensing romantic relationship advice! Justin appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday where he explained why Selena Gomez is dating him. Justin says it's because he's a great boyfriend, in so many words. Put that swag away, boy!

On what kind of boyfriend he is: "I'm loving and patient and kind and gentle."

On what makes a good relationship: "it's just about being honest with one another. You just have to be honest, that's the first thing, because if you're not honest, then the relationship is just not a good relationship."

On what girlfriends appreciate from their partners: "At the end of the day, your girl would appreciate you being honest more than lying to her and vice versa."
Good Lord. Exactly one serious relationship later, expect Justin's self-help book by next year!

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