March 16, 2012

Justin Bieber Basketball Movie Script Is Being Written!

Biebs the baller!!!

It's looking pretty certain Justin Bieber will be teaming up with actor Mark Wahlberg on a new basketball movie!

Wahlberg says the script is currently being written, although the film has yet to be green-lit.

Mark doesn’t want to rush the process though, as he says in a recent interview:
“It certainly [has to be] something that’s good enough to go and have green-lit and make right away, but I think it will be well worth the wait.”
The details we have for it so far? Wahlberg’s character will be that of an older baller who takes Bieber on as his basketball protégée.
Bieber hinted in an interview last fall that he hopes to start filming a movie this summer…will this be it???

What do U think of the Biebs starting an acting career?

Never say never, LOLz!!

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