March 30, 2012

Justin beat up a skateboarder as nuisance Miley Cyrus (10 PICS)

Bieber the backstabber! Justin beat up a skateboarder as he double crosses friend Miley Cyrus on Punk'd

Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll while Michael Jackson is the Prince of Pop.

And from now on Justin Bieber could stand alongside them as the Prankster of Pop, after he epically scammed his friend Miley Cyrus on Punk'd tonight.

The cheeky Canadian double-crossed the Hannah Montana star by turning the table tables on her when she thought she was playing a trick on him.

Channelling his childlike side, Justin cackled as he revealed his dastardly plan to viewers, explaining he would seeming brawl with some actors from the show to make Miley think her own scheme had gone horribly wrong.

He said: 'She thinks she is hosting the show, so she is going to punk me.

'She's not punking me because that's not possible. I can't be punked.'

Un taunt cordial: The Under The Mistletoe star revelled in making fun of his rival for falling for his prank

So you don't like Baby? The singer kicked a cast member in the stomach as the action reached its peak
The scheme started with Miley giving an introduction into her harebrained scheme to scare Bieber by having him confronted by some angry skateboarders when he parks where they are doing tricks.

But as she watches it goes horribly wrong, with one of the seemingly overenthusiastic actors pushing the Baby star so hard he apparently flies into a rage.

After pushing two of the skaters to the ground, Bieber ran over and kicked one in the stomach while he was down.

He pretended he was in a panic after his antics, and seemed to run off to evade the long arm of the law.

Holding her hands up: Miley eventually accepted she could not rival Justin when it came to intelligence and cunning
Amusingly, Miley seemed more concerned about the welfare of her friend Bieber than the chap who had ostensibly been booted in the midsection.

Unbelieberable: Justin took umbrage when the cast member said he was being protected from fisticuffs by his 'daddy'
She said: 'Oh my god, I just want to give him a cuddle.'

After she abandoned her command and control post to evaluate what had happened outside, Bieber made his comeback, and was not afraid to repeatedly taunt the Disney kid for being so gullible.

He scoffed: 'You can't punk me. That was all fake.'

A Raw Smackdown: Justin was even more believable than a WWE Superstar as he got into a heated argument that turned nasty

Run away: Remembering King Arthur's favoured tactic in Monty Python and the Holy Grail he made his escape
Under the Bieber toe: The actor's performance after being given the boot by the pop star was surprisingly convincing
Bottle merchant: Miley panicked when she realised her ridiculously lame stunt had taken on a life of its own

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