March 7, 2012

Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

BEIJING — Writer Guo Jingming’s latest book Tiny Times 3.0 has sold 1.4 million copies in the two months since its release last December. It is a new height in the writer’s career: Nearly every one of his eight books have been annual best sellers.

Guo, 29, told China Daily in an exclusive interview in Beijing on Tuesday that he’s glad about the sales achievement in such a short time. He will give the television rights to the company that is turning his first book into a drama for teenagers in April. The Shanghai-based writer is in the capital for several publishing events including fashion magazine photo shoots.

Tiny Times is the first book in which Guo writes about the world of adults. “All the previous works are set on (university) campus,” Guo said, adding that he sees the new series as his landmark work.

In the book, Guo tries to paint a picture of Shanghai’s contemporary panorama, using his young protagonists’ vicissitudes in the metropolis to create a record of modern day life.

“Some say they read too much about the top fashion brands in Tiny Times,” Guo said. “If they see too much money there, that indicates I’m writing about the real Shanghai.”

Probably the most controversial and successful writer in the country, Guo is not afraid to talk about his wealth, and also about the tough times he’s had when slandered and accused of plagiarism.

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