March 12, 2012

Ferrari speedster busted by YouTube (VIDEO)

Police bust a Japanese doctor driving a Ferrari 458 Italia for driving 84km/h over the speed limit after posting a video of his exploit on YouTube.
A 50-year-old Japanese man has been busted over video of him speeding in his NZ$325,000 Ferrari 458 Italia.

The doctor apparently posted the accompanying video of himself on YouTube while driving the Ferrari at 130 kilometres in a 50kmh zone.

Britain's Telegraph newspaper reported police saying the doctor from Okawa in Fukuoaka Prefecture is the man in a YouTube entitled "Ferrari 458 Italia Drive in Japan 2011", which shows the sports car being driven at high speed along motorways and coastal roads in southern Japan.

According to Japanese newspaper The Mainichi Daily News, the man was arrested on Friday and is reported to have told police, "I wanted to make a Ferrari promotional video".

The video shows a man wearing red gloves driving a Ferrari 458 with a camera positioned behind the driver, who at one point appears to race with a white Porsche.

Police received a tip about the video in May last year, and determined the speed of the Ferrari based on the distance and timing of the objects it passed.

The driver could face a six month jail sentence and an £800 (NZ$1531) fine if he is convicted.

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