March 23, 2012

Enter to Win Spell Bound, Plus a $500 Gift Card!

With all this fa-reezing weather, there’s basically nothing more we love than to cuddle up with our boyfriend a good book! What more do we love in a book than some magic, a little romance and a few giggles? So since we’re totally over Harry Potter and Twilight is so two years ago, we’re super excited for the release (it’s next month!) of the third book in the Hex Hall Series, Spell Bound!

New York Times Best Seller, Rachel Hawkins, tells the story of Sophie Mercer, who is just like us has finally come to grips with her insane demon powers, just to find out they have been taken from her by the Prodigium Council. Sophie finds herself helpless and at the mercy of her arch enemies, the Brannicks… or so she thinks. The Brannicks sense that a war is coming and feel that Sophie is the only person with the power to stop this war and prevent the world from totally ending! Crazy stuff you guys, what do you think Sophie will do?! We’re kind of itching to read this one… we’re already on the edge of our seats from the first two books!

We have ah-mazing news too! You can read the entire Hex Hall series (including Spell Bound!) by entering our sweepstakes! Not only will you get the entire series, but we think Sophie’s cover look on Spell Bound is pretty cute too so we’re gonna throw in her entire look as well as a $500 gift card!

So what are you waiting for? Enter the sweeps now for your chance at all the amaze prizes we’ve got for ya!

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