March 28, 2012

China Fashion Week kicked off in Beijing on Saturday (14 PICS)

China Fashion Week kicked off in Beijing on Saturday. It starred leading Chinese designer, Wang Yutao, who designed the opening show.

Yutao was previously awarded at the last fashion week in Berlin, where he presented the latest trends for women's dresses, that fashion experts said expressed grace and elegance.

After Europe Yutao said he felt more confident about his place among his domestic fashion competitors. And hopes  this Fashion week in Beijing will also contribute to discovering more talented designers.

For the opening show Yutao was inspired by recent British fashion provding a unique style which was both vibrant and inviting.

[Wang Yutau, Chinese leading Designer]
"British style is still used in this fashion show. I added warm colors and continued the chocolate series."

The Fashion Summit wasn't attended by many big Italian brands, yet it still provided a stage for the Chinese domestic fashion brands.

Fashion industry expert Li DAnggi, who also attended the Fashion Week thinks that this is a good opportunity for enterprises and designers to come together and benefit from one another.

[Li Danggi, Chairman of China Association of Fashion Design]
"Fashion week attracts more enterprises and designers which realize the value and role of fashion week when creating their brands."

This year not only demonstrates most recent trends in fashion, but also displays up and coming fashion stars.
In the past only two collage graduates had their work shown during the associated fashion week, while this year six were shown.

The Fashion week also involved more than 40 brands and organizations from China and around the world. Thirty designers displayed their fashions with 400 models presenting them on stage.

While some enthusiastically fevered for the Fashion week others denounced it saying: It's " not 'Beijing Fashion Week.' It's actually a Chinese Communist Party political convention", according to "the Envoy" newsblog contributor, Laura Rozen.

Rozen made the statement based upon the comments from Chinese Netizens about the many conspicuous fashion styles, being worn by China's political elite, who are gathering in Beijing this week for the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC).

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