March 15, 2012


Carly Rae Jepsen has been the center of attention since signing to Justin Bieber‘s new record label, but with her newfound fame comes annoyances like Twitter hacking.

The poor singer-songwriter became the latest victim of a hacker, who tapped into Jepsen’s account and tweeted “Bieber my balls” multiple times. Both the ‘Call Me Maybe’ singer and The Biebs commented on what went down.

Bieber also helped to notify fans of the imposter tweets by sending out a message to his 18 million-plus followers.

We agree that it was a “strange hack,” but we’re not entirely surprised that it happened. The hacker succeeded in getting both Jepsen’s and Bieber’s attention, which was likely his or her goal all along. The 26-year-old can commiserate with good company, though — Lady Gaga, Nelly Furtado and Dianna Agron have all been victims of hacking in recent months.

However, it looks like order has been restored. Hours after the incident, Jepsen tweeted, “See you honeys in the morning. Bubble bath and bed for me. Dream sweet. xo.”

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