March 2, 2012

Avril Lavigne’s Gift To Her Fans: A Sultry New Lingerie Look! (VIDEO | 6 PICS)

Avril Lavigne has gone from skater girl to seductress in her newest video "Goodbye." Dedicated to her fans as she closed out the last leg of her recent "Black Star" tour, the video follows her around celebrity hideout Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles wearing little more than heels and black lingerie.

As sexy as she looks, the 27-year-old Canadian singer is practically unrecognizable out of her tomboy uniform of a t-shirt and jeans. Has she gone too extreme in an attempt to be more mature?

In a little intro, Lavigne graciously thanks all the people who attended her tour and bought her album, but she looks a little unsure when she brings up the video and how it's dedicated to her fans. Clearly Lavigne was nervous about, quite literally, exposing a new side of herself. The music video starts around 1:45, shot on the cheap with a grainy vintage film effect by friend Mark Liddell. The video is more of a moving photo shoot, consisting of mostly shots of Lavigne disinterestedly posing around in various lingerie looks and a wavy blond wig, shaving with champagne, and concluding with a Tammy Faye-worthy (and kind of goth) black eyeliner-stained cry.

It's good to see that Avril Lavigne is finally showing a grown-up side, but this method may come as a shock to her fans to see such a drastic change. Even just seeing her in high heels and drinking something "classy" like champagne feels odd. Whether or not this is a good move for a singer who made her career on being a clench-fisted, rambunctious punk girl is yet to be seen. But from a purely visual perspective, Lavigne looks pretty sexy and even hints at edgier things by holding a riding crop in a brief shot—she's still a tough chick.

This is hardly anything compared to say, the over-the-top raunchiness Rihanna's "S&M" video, but for someone who still looks like a teenage mallrat in her late 20s, it's a big, stiletto-heeled step.

Lavigne's 2011 album "Goodbye Lullaby", where this song appears, was recorded during the time her divorce from Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley. "Goodbye" is quite obviously a reflection of that time.  She sings, "Goodbye, brown eyes / Goodbye my love" and guess what color eyes Whibley has? You guessed it, brown. Could the video be a jab at Whibley, showing him what he's missing? Or  with Lavigne explaining the sexy, out-of-character video is a "thank you" for her fans, could the message be misconstrued as, well, a universal come on?

Whatever the reason for debuting a sultry new look for Avril Lavigne, her hoards of male fans are surely tearing up in heartfelt gratitude. And hopefully those fans will return their thanks for the sexy video by heeding Lavigne's call to donate to her Avril Lavigne Foundation that supports sick and disabled children.

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