March 28, 2012

Angry Birds Speaker Dock FOR iPod & iPhone (4 PICS)

 Gear4 has a line of Angry Birds iPhone/iPod/iPad speaker docks
Anyone who lives with their iPhone as an essential piece of kit will have mooted getting themselves a speaker system at some point of other – and what better to tempt you than branding your dock with arguably the most popular mobile game in recent memory – an Angry Birds desktop speaker unit.

The base unit is solidly built, and at 1.4Kg, you certainly feel like you’re getting value for money when you open the box, but imagine my shock and dismay the lack of iPhone dock.

Every gamer's dream: The Angry Birds iPhone & iPod Dock - Red

The product itself comes with two built-in tweeters for clear crisp treble and a solid woofer for some quite impressive base from such a moderate unit – but you can’t help feeling that maybe you should have opted for the 'Angry Birds Mortal Enemy' option as the Helmet Pig unit comes in at almost the same price, but has the added bonus of settling your iPhone/iPod in directly.

Adorable Angry Birds Speaker Docks
The sound performance for your fifty quid is great; and even better when you consider that the product is available at up to a third off from some major online retailers. 

Gear4 Angry Birds Red Bird Speaker Dock PG542G
Adjustable base and volume control to the rear of the unit allow you to get the best sound for your genre of music and it certainly coped well with an assortment ranging from dance to death metal.

I for one will be sad to be returning the demo model sent to me – but only until I buy myself the Helmet Pig version to adorn my desk at home (trust me, it’s too loud for your office desk – even though you would be the envy of all your local geeks!) – but for the non-iPhone users out there this is certainly a perfect way to treat yourself for all your hard work this year.

This model came with the base unit, handset/table rest, required 3.5mm connector cable and multi-input power adapter and is available directly from gear4 or any reputable online/high street retailer.

Angry Birds iPod & iPhone Speaker Dock – Red - £39.

Angry Birds Helmet PigDock Speaker for iPhone and iPod