March 20, 2012

'American Reunion' Full Trailer Hits the Web (VIDEO | 3 PICS)

The latest film in the franchise is slated to hit theaters April 6, 2012.

After a red-band teaser was released last month, the full trailer for American Reunion has hit the web.
The first trailer was a throwback to the good ol' days of 1999's American Pie, zoning in on Jason Biggs unsuccessful attempts at pleasuring himself. While that promo was easily NSFW, this one is more .. conservative, to say the least.

Here, a general plot is dissected much more thoroughly -- though the details are left to viewers' imaginations: Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) have entered their thirties and have seemingly settled down with a family. Stifler (Sean William Scott) is a hotshot executive still proud of his playboy ways. When the gang gets together for their 10-year class reunion, they presumably revert back to their awkward teenage years.

"I love the Twilight books," Stifler says to a group of bikini-clad girls at a beach party. "New Moon is my favorite!" "Mine too," one of the girls says excitedly. Stifler deadpans: "Oh my god, it's like we have so much in common!"

Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Eugene Levy, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Natasha Lyonne and Mena Suvari are all back to relive the glory days. 

Watch the trailer below:

THR reported that the upcoming comedy was produced for about $50 million, with Biggs and Scott receiving a big $5 million paycheck to reprise their roles. Hannigan will receive a paycheck around $3 million, while several other cast members will be paid significantly less -- in the $500,000 to $750,000 range.

Universal's American Reunion, the latest film in the franchise, is slated for an April 6, 2012 release.

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