March 13, 2012

Abbie Tully, 12, unable to go outside due to allergy to the cold

United Kingdom - Nobody likes cold weather but Abbie Tully has more reason to hate it than most. The 12-year-old suffers from cold urticaria – a rare allergy that means exposure to the elements could kill her.

The condition, which causes a burning rash to develop, means Abbie has not been able to set foot outside for five months. 

Any sudden change in temperature could send her body into anaphylactic shock. 

Abbie’s mother, Nina, said: ‘Within minutes of being outside, the reaction spreads all over Abbie’s legs, arms and face, even if it’s not that cold. 

‘She is desperate for the weather to warm up so she can go out. It’s so hard on her.’ 
Abbie’s family swapped 

Edinburgh for Bournemouth last year but ironically, the youngster’s problems only began after the move to the ‘sunny’ south coast. 

It is thought her allergy developed after a viral infection last year. There is no cure.

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