February 7, 2012

Will Justin Bieber Actually Marry Selena Gomez?

Recently there was an interesting online poll about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The result of the poll is quite surprising. Each day, we can find interesting news about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.
It seems that nothing can separate them. However, half of the poll’s participant thinks that they will not get married. The poll’s question is: “Do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will get married?” 42.38% of the participants voted “Yes” while 41.7% voted “No.” 15.92% of the participant simply voted the “I don’t know” option.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are both teenagers, so it is too soon to tell whether they will get married. We all know that not many people actually marry their high-school sweetheart, and because of their age, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fall under this category. Anyway, it is quite surprising to see that half of the poll’s participant thinks that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will not get married. So it seems that even though most of the young celebrity couple’s fans think that they look great together, they still don’t think that they will actually get married.

Sent a Special Gift to a Little Girl

We all know that Justin Bieber love to support charities, and the young pop star had visited children that are hospitalized for serious illnesses a few times. Recently, the young pop star sent a special gift to a little girl named Trinity Petit. The little girl is suffering from an aggressive brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. The survival rate for children with this kind of brain tumor is only 30%. The little girl’s family tries to give her everything she wanted for as long as they can. Trinity Petit says that she would love to receive a special Happy Birthday video message from Justin Bieber. If you want to help the poor little girl, you should tweet: “@justinbieber, Send a Happy Birthday video to Trinity.” Hopefully the young pop star will grant the little girl’s wish because that will mean a lot to her. The survival rate of children with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is not much, but at least this kind of thing can make the little girl happy, and hopefully she will get better.

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