February 19, 2012

Who needs an umbrella when you’ve got a £10,000 handbag to shield you from the rain? (6 PICS)

The Saturdays  - Minus Una Healy because she’s too pregnant to fly – are currently in Los Angeles for a bunch of business meetings, apparently.

And we say ‘apparently’ because whenever we bump into them they seem to be shopping or popping out for a bite to eat.

If that’s what their business meetings entail then when and where can we apply for a job?

Take yesterday as a prime example; when we caught up with the girls they were heading to The Griddle Café in West Hollywood for breakfast.

Okay, we suppose they’ve got to eat so we’ll let them off, and it wasn’t all fun and sunshine because as they came to leave the restaurant the heavens opened forcing Frankie and Rochelle to take cover under their Birkins.

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