February 1, 2012

We Actually Changed Our Logo To Zuck (A Facebook IPO Round Up)

Facebook put the “sexy” in S-1 today, with its IPO filing basically DDoSing the SEC’s site and eventually Scribd this afternoon.

Because it drives massive amounts of traffic we are genuinely interested, we covered it a lot on the site and even changed our logo to Zuck’s face, a move that some thought was funny and others not so much. We’re going to be doing this for some big stories from now on, so new life goal = Getting your face TechCrunched.

For the record I don’t think the Zuckerlogo is the most egregious thing we’ve done [dramatic pause] but do find being like “All hail Zuck” sort of lame — just because it’s just not that cool to be all fanboy about anything.

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