February 14, 2012

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note (12 PICS)

Samsung is excited to bring its Galaxy Note "superphone" to the U.S. It's so excited that it's giving Mashable a sneak peek of the phone before it becomes available to AT&T customers Feb. 19.

We took a few pictures when we unboxed the phone, and we couldn't resist comparing the Note's gigantic phone screen (5 inches!) to the most popular phone out there, the Apple iPhone. From a pure size perspective, it's clearly a David-and-Goliath fight.

Besides the gargantuan screen, the Galaxy Note is, uh, notable for including a stylus, letting users do things such as write notes while running any app or draw their own directions on maps. The stylus hasn't been entirely well received, with many criticizing it for being a throwback to the Palm Pilot days after Samsung ran a Super Bowl ad for the Note that prominently featured the "pen.

While there's been some discussion of the Galaxy Note blurring the line between tablet and phone, it's clearly the latter. It's sold through AT&T ($299 with a two-year contract), and there is no Wi-Fi only version. It's a phone, just one with an enormous screen.

We'll have a review of the Galaxy Note up soon. But in the meantime, please browse our photos of the unboxing (sorry if any look upside-down -- it's a bug in our photo-editing software). And if it excites you enough already, you could always just pre-order it now.

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